August 1, 2010

Something is missing

We're really out of touch.  We live in houses that keep out the wind and the rain and the cold.  They protect us from the heat and maybe even cool us so we forget the warming of the sun that gives us life.  We leave our homes to go out in the world but we travel inside a box on wheels with a climate controlled interior that gives an artificial feeling of comfort.  We arrive at our destination and maybe walk a short distance to another building and go inside to the same conditions.  All the life is filtered out of the air we breath...synthetic aromas permeate our surroundings and our lives are sanitized with chemicals.  The food we eat has been sprayed and modified and processed so far from its natural state that the label lists few ingredients that are easily recognizable.  When our bodies tire of the nutrient poor substitutes added to this paltry fare and they can't filter out the toxins well enough to keep us healthy, disease takes hold.  So we go to the doctor with our symptoms and they prescribe more chemicals and processed medications that have been created in a laboratory to mimic substances that have been known to mask these symptoms so we don't realize how bad they are until the disease has done irrepairable damage to our bodies which often leads to death.  Sound a little wacky?  When is the last time you went for a walk in the woods or drank water from a stream?  Have you ever used a folk remedy or learned to identify plants?  How long has it been since you picked berries far from the influence of exhaust or pesticides?  When was the last time you went outside to smell the flowers or sit in the sun?  Do you know what it's like to sweat or feel the need to put on a sweater in the house?  Or sleep outside?  How long has it been since you grew your own produce or cooked a meal without opening a package?  Climbed a hill?  Killed your own meat?  Have you ever peed in the woods?  No wonder we've forgotten what it's like to appreciate this wonderful world in which we live.

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