August 10, 2010

A simple thought

You're out there somewhere,
I can feel it.
But I can't seem to reach you.
Are you hiding?

I see signs of you
in the world around me
But I can't touch you.
Where have you gone?

In my heart I know
your promises hold true
But I forget to change
Do you still love me?

My heart is heavy
with thoughts of you.
But I wish for more
Can you feel it too?

I see the veil
I'm hidden from your sight.
But I step out of its shadow.
Can you see me too?

The promises I've made
seem grey in all this light
But I meant them just the same
Do you believe me?

I'm in the sunlight now
It's brighter than I thought.
But you're here to welcome me.
Can I love you back?

It's been a long time
since we've spent time together.
But I've missed our heart-to-hearts
Can you forgive me?

The light has never faded,
nor kept me from your love.
But I who hid from you.
Could you hold me in your arms?

Alas, I feel I'm slipping,
from your presence once again.
But I call out to you to save me.
Can you reach me?

Safe in the hollow of your hand,
I'll seek to linger ever more.
But sometimes I might fall
Will you pick me up again?

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