August 5, 2010

Migraine is history. Thank you Jesus!

Since the rain cooled things down a little I was able to sleep off my migraine before it became too big of an issue.  It's a little discouraging to realize that apparently for some time your vision has been slowly becoming distorted and tunnel vision developing and then...there it is...jagged lightening and points of light in front of your eyes blocking what you're looking at so you have to tip your head to the side to see.  Closing your eyes doesn't help at all...the flashing lights are still there.  So,'s a little scary.

But, thankfully today is a new day and migraine free!  Praise the Lord!  It's a little overcast with showers off and on.  Of course the humidity has not really improved and I'm sure as the temps rise things are going to be quite sticky again today. 

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