April 3, 2013

Christians Are People Too!

When I think about what I value in folks I consider to be heroic, I think of many characteristics that may or may not have roots in religious views but most certainly are based on that person's worldview.  Bravery, Courage, Devotion, Conviction...Taking a Stand for what they believe.  Those convictions are called that, not because they are fuzzy, warm feeling you take out when its convenient, but things you cling to even when to going gets tough.
But because Christians cling to their values when it's not the popular opinion, or try to stand tall in the face of the rampage of unfair, or despicable conditions that run amok in this world, they are labeled as bigots, dictatorial, archaic control freaks who only care about themselves and their agenda and forcing everyone else to go by their rules.
It really all depends on the lens through which you view life.  I hear folks cry, "Coexist!...don't judge, live in harmony with others.  But when it comes right down to it, they are the least tolerant of other views than most.  They mock and ridicule...they judge and create disharmony because unless you believe as they do, you're somehow less intelligent than they are...or they think they are.  They act like Christians are somehow being mean by sharing their beliefs because it makes them uncomfortable to think that someone disagrees with them.
My heros stand firm.  They fight for what is right.  If what is right changes with each individual, then how do we all read an epic tale and come away with the same character as the hero?  Basically, we all have the same conscience, the same sense of right and wrong that's rooted in our soul.  Where does that come from?
When you find something that you really like or are passionate about, do you just keep it to yourself?  Or do you post it on facebook and tweet little pieces of info about it so you can share it with everyone you care about?  Sure you do.  Causes, quotes, quips and posters...poems, photos, ads...you name it.  People enjoy all kinds of things because we're individuals.

Well, Christians are people, too.

Pondering My Meanderings...
with much herbal love,

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