August 21, 2010

Maybe it should be noted here that I'm not in any hurry for the MRS. degree.  And that I don't think she has to make it a priority to find her mate in college.  Who knows where she'll meet him and maybe she already has.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.  Talk about old sayings!  The big thing is that she will be discerning and allow God to work.  Sometimes it's easy to think you know where He's pointing but you might be wrong or the timing isn't His timing.  My prayers would be that whomever she feels led toward will be a strong, godly young man who shares her worldview and who will take good care of her and lead her in a relationship that honors the Lord.  One with room for her to do the things she loves to do while raising a family together.  Maybe not a career but God knows just what she needs. 
Every girl dreams of her prince riding up on a white horse and carrying her away.  Does that happen?  I suppose, sometimes, but more often than not it's a process that is often complicated by lots of silly, immature ideas that won't really matter when it comes right down to it but just might cause unnecessary problems.
I think love is more about the time when you are ready to think about some one else and serve them than it is about your feelings. 

OK, tear time again...I don't think I like this.

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