August 16, 2010

I can only imagine

I can only imagine...
'Cuz I don't really know.
I can only imagine...
my emotions start to show.

What can be the meaning,
of the words so lightly spoken?
Is there something there,
or simply thoughts, broken?

Courage seems to fail me
as I face the task alone.
Faith feels so far from me
trying to fathom the unknown.

It's like a guessing game,
a teasing, taunting maze.
How will I know the truth,
hidden behind all this haze?

I could ask for help,
but I've done that in the past.
Changes often haunt me,
but they never seem to last.

Is it so much more exciting
to be constantly unsure
of how the words are meant
rather than hearing meaning, pure?

I guess I'll have to accept it,
and take it for what it's worth.
'cuz I'll drive myself crazy
trying to draw the meaning forth.

Too much meddling on my part,
can only add to my disillusion.
Merely spurring my bad habit,
of jumping to conclusions.

It really doesn't matter
if I truly understand.
I'd better leave the entire thing
in the Lord's capable hand.

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