May 21, 2011

Hedgehogs, Porcupines and Badgers

Have you ever noticed that some folks are never happy?  They have a certain idea of how things should be and if that's not how life plays out, someone's going to pay for their unhappiness. But if someone goes out of their way and sacrifices in some way, no matter how small, to try to give them what they want, they're not happy about that, either.  No matter what, something about their life is miserable...and it has to be someone else's fault.  If you're kind or helpful, you want something from them.  If you give them something, they have to "pay" you back in some way so they don't "owe" you anything.  So much for any blessing you received from your deed!
Sometimes it's like trying to hug a hedgehog!
Then there are the unhappy folks who are more a part of you life, like family.  Maybe hedgehog is too mild for them.  They constantly criticise everything you your home, with your kids, your husband, your activities.  Soon they become an overwhelming force in your life and no amount of appeasement will satisfy their unhappiness.  You couldn't do anything right if you tried.
Perhaps they are more like porcupines.
And last, there are the unhappy, miserable folks who are just plain mean.  They are in your face, yelling and growling about you, and everyone else in their life.  Your top priority should be to make them happy and grant their every unspoken desire.  They call you up with a barrage of insults and complaints.  You are the most inconsiderate, selfish, stupid person on the face of the earth and they, poor souls that they are, have been burdened with being related to you.  But, as you'll soon find out, no manner of correction on your part, regardless of whether you need any in the eyes of anyone else, will make them happy.  You know why?  Because their happiness is not your responsibility!  You can't do it!  Happiness comes from inside them and if they can't reach inside and find it, who's fault is that? Really?  Rather than being too prickly to hug, they bare their claws and their sharp tongue and they'll rip your heart out without a second thought...and then blame you for it!  It's better just to stay out of their way.  And they won't be happy about that either but it becomes a matter of survival on your part.  All you can do is pray.
These folks are more like badgers.  Really nasty ones.

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