August 11, 2010

The Heart of Man

Dark, dark the heart of man,
dismal abyss of despair.
Gobbling up the joy they might have
if only their hearts would repair.

Distant, distant the heart of man,
disdainful and morose.
Filling every possible crack
with thoughts of pity gross.

Fearful, fearful the heart of man
courage lacking even still.
Drawing further from the truth
by his own self focused will.

Hurtful, hurtful the heart of man,
whose despondent sorrow,
builds a wall around their lives
from which no one can borrow.

Painful, painful the heart of man
Words, deep, dark mysterious flow.
Goading all their faithful friends,
with misery and woe.

Healing, healing the heart of man.
if only they could see,
the mercy given unto all men
by one whose love is free.

Loving, loving the heart of man.
Not such an easy task,
While hidden from those who care
the empty spaces need only ask.

Memories, memories from the heart of man
regrets and thoughts of love,
filling all the empty cracks
so none can enter from above.

Lonely, lonely the heart of man.
who will not reach for the light.
But lingers in the hollow,
a prisoner of his own sorry plight.

Trapped, trapped the heart of man.
within his own cell there. 
Bondage holding onto his dreams
because he does not care.

What doth this dark man seeketh,
A bandage for his wound?
Or is the true desire there,
only waiting to be found?

Are the thoughts he held,
so dear to him merely dust?
Or is there hope there
in which he can place his trust?

Daring, courageous the heart of man,
to battle the will of his soul.
In a fight for freedom,
giving all to make himself whole.

Wonder of wonders, this heart of man,
asleep to the passion of love.
Awakened to become the son
blessed by your Father above.

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