August 26, 2010

Slightly tarnished

Morning mists spread slowly along the valley as the cooler night air makes a last effort to push the sun's warmth from the ground.  Misty tendrils of this foggy blanket wrap the landscape in an ethereal, dream like covering where images seem to wander in and out of view.  It's that time of early morning before the sun has broken over the trees; all are shades of gray.  Golden petals of Brown-eyed Susans glow with the only color visible in this early light.  Softly the white cat stalks across the dewy grass to seek some unsuspecting prey.  Birds call noisily to one another and pass, unseen, overhead.  Droplets of moisture hang precariously from the tips of the grass, falling like great exploding bombs on a little mouse as he brushes by on his morning run.  He stops to capture one in his paws but, alas it collapses and is lost on the ground.  The glow in the east grows stronger and slowly turns the grays to hints of color...pinks and purples in nests of green.    Now the bright yellow of the many squash blossoms luring bees into their throaty blooms with promise of nectar and pollen.  The greens of the forest are slightly tarnished as autumn begins to show it's colors on the tips of the leaves.  The garden hangs heavy with the night's cool carress bringing much needed moisture to nourish it's harvest.  A warm golden glow begins to steal across the yard as the sun makes it way into view slowly burning the blanket of mist into a memory.  A new day's begun.   

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