July 20, 2010

Coffee Roasting, at home

Roasting coffee at home is something that most people don’t think of as doing. Most coffee comes vacuum sealed, roasted, ground, and ready to brew. Some people take a step back and buy the whole roasted beans instead of the ground beans and notice quite a difference in flavor. The flavor of fresh roasted coffee is unlike any other coffee you’ve tasted. What most people don’t realize is how easy it is to roast your own coffee at home.

I started out roasting coffee with a Hot Air Popcorn Popper. I made a some adjustments to it to make it work. After a year of using that method I took off the top of the popper and used a wooden dowel to stir the coffee beans as they roasted in the chamber.

This Spring I got a coffee roaster from my Uncle. It has a few dents and cracks in it, but works well.

Roasting coffee can be done using quite a few different methods. I’ve mentioned the method that I used.

A coffee roaster like what I was given requires virtually no work. Like a bread machine, you put the ingredients in and it turns out the bread. You put in the green beans, turn it on, and in 6 minutes it is done.

I roast coffee once or twice a week. Usually about 8 hours before I am going to drink the first cup. Which means the night before.

How dark you like the beans is up to you. You just stop when it is as dark as you like and cool the beans down as fast as possible to keep them from roasting further. A colander comes in handy here.

After you roast your coffee wait a few hours before storing it in an airtight container, and usually best out of direct sunlight. Don’t grind the coffee until you are ready to brew.

Roasting coffee is an enjoyable hobby that is sure to amaze your guests. For more information on roasting coffee and buying it, visit the two links below.



Zachariah E.

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wanderer said...

Zach's home roasted coffee is soooo good! I can't really explain the difference but it's just so much better than grinding your own pre-roasted beans.

So, I have a hot air popper but, as you've read before, I'm a packrat and I'm sure I can reuse or upcycle some of my hoard into a suitable roasting device. Too bad I don't have time to jump into that project today!

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