March 22, 2012

The Wall #41

Jenny MatlockIt's week 98 of Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus writing challenge and she's written a prompt and chosen a word limit centered around the the number, "98" for this week's assignment.  You can join in the fun by clicking on the button to the left.
So let's get to it...join me for the 41st installment of The Wall, a continuing story based solely on the weekly prompts at Saturday Centus...

~She brought out a small, well worn leather journal from her apron pocket. In it were photos of Matthew, her family and friends...including Grandpa. She lovingly turned the pages and related bits of history as she fondly ran her fingers over each one as if to communicate with the folks pictured there. The smile that played over her face spoke as clearly as her words. Inside the cover you could read her name, written in faded script, and in the corner, the price of the was only ninety-eight cents...a very small price for so many dear memories.~

Pondering My Meanderings... 
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March 11, 2012

I don't know why.

Sometimes it's hard to see where things are going.
You might think you know but then life takes a turn you never saw coming.
Sometimes they are awesome blessings and sometimes, merely postponements of the inevitable.
And sometimes they are trials.
If you've been reading here for a while you know that I often struggle with the
"whys" behind the things that happen.  Not really because I don't trust God to do His will in my life but because I'm a bit of a control freak or maybe just a nib.  I'm good with God's plan but I'd like to have a heads-up so I know what to expect.  Is that too much to ask?  I guess it is.
Anyway, as I've said before, it seems like every time I make plans to do something, especially something that includes other people, something more important happens that requires my attention and I have to let them down.  I just hate doing that!  There's no way I could see what was coming or prevented myself from entering into the situation.  It wasn't something I jumped into...I prayed about it many time before hand.  And if I wasn't meant to do it, I wonder why the door did't close earlier.  I mean, if the reason I had to step away from things was because I wasn't supposed to be a part of it, why did I earn my spot in the first place?  See what I mean?  I need answers to the "why" questions.
But my 16yo had it all figured out and explained to me in that parental voice she adopts when she knows something I haven't figured out yet.  I gotta tell's kinda annoying even when she's right!  But I'm sure she feels that way when I know something she doesn't know.

It's been kinda crazy the past few weeks and you know that saying about things happening in threes?  Well, the first turn in the road was diverted for a time and we're thankful for that.
Prayers for blessings when the time comes and help to maintain until that time.
The next one is kinda ongoing and it's something that I pray about all the time.
But this one, well, I'm kinda the support group for this one.  Prayerfully hanging onto God's hand as this sharp turn goes off into unknown, scary territory.

Anyway, God knows best and maybe it's His way of correcting my little steps to realign them with His will for my life.  It's comforting to know that He can see the big picture and has a spot all set up for me.
It's even more comforting to know that He will be right beside us all the way because this turn in the road is a trial.  May I be a light for Jesus all through this situation and perhaps someone may find Him through me.

Pondering My Meanderings... 
with much herbal love, 

The Wall # 40

Jenny MatlockOne bit of extremely good news, one of extremely bad news and a daughter farming in Europe is preoccupying my mind this week.   
Here's Jenny's prompt...5 sentences of 5 words each for a total of 25 with a theme of "Good things Come in Fives."
Here's my spin on that in relation to The Wall.

Moving to a new home.
Married to a fine man. 
Planning a new life together.
Dreams of children frolicking about.
Good things but anxious thoughts.

Pondering My Meanderings... 
with much herbal love, 

March 3, 2012

The Wall #39

Jenny MatlockJenny's prompt for this week's Saturday Centus sounds kinda melancholy.  She's given us a word limit of 100 words plus the prompt to use to create our tale.
If you're new here and care to know where the foundation for today's portion of The Wall started, you can click on the title to read the whole story from the beginning. It's been 39 weeks since I first joined Saturday Centus.   That was the beginning of my tale and I try to weave each week's prompt into the ongoing story line.
Please click on the button at the top to share your own story inspired by the weekly prompt and to read what others have to say.  It's amazing to see how many different directions a word prompt can go!
Here's the lasted addition to The Wall... 

~ Later, Anna knocked on our door carrying a tray of tea and cookies. Wally had gone with Matthew to get supplies. After pouring tea, she sat down near the window and gazed thoughtfully through the panes. After a few moments, she turned to smile at me.
Her story began with the end of the war and her marriage to Matthew. Moving into the inn with his family, who had been the proprietors for nearly 125 years, she'd felt at home. Anna left her folks in the south and admitted that saying goodbye was harder than she thought...but her new life, though dull to some, excited her. ~

Pondering My Meanderings... 
with much herbal love, 

March 1, 2012

The Wall #38

Jenny MatlockI suspect this week's prompt from Jenny ties in with some events in her life this week. She's given us 100 words plus our prompt to write a tale.  I'm still continuing my story of The Wall that centers around some family intrigue.

Let me take a moment to share a few photos of a lovely lady who passed away last week.  This is my husband's grandma who lived 99 incredible years and loved her family so much ~ all 80+ of them!
We'll miss her very much.

And now my take on this week's Saturday Centus prompt.

~These words were written on the back of the photo. I looked questioningly at Anna.  She smiled, nodding her head....the man was Grandpa. He had been Matthew's best man. Their hospitality to me no longer spoke only of Old World charm but of deep friendship.
Another picture showed Anna in a large chair with children scattered around her feet. She was being honored by her family on her wedding day. The chair dominated the small room like a throne. She looked like a princess in her wedding dress.
As I opened my mouth to ask a question, she put her finger to her lips and winked.~

Pondering My Meanderings...
with much herbal love,

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