About Me

I live in rural PA with my husband, two lovely daughters, a dog, and a tub of composting worms.

It's been my privilege to homeschool my little women and watch them grow. I'm slowly learning to live a life that is, hopefully, more honoring to God although I fail miserably on a regular basis.

My girls have grown up enjoying the woods and fields near our home as we picked berries, gathered plants in the wild for food, medicine and decoration, harvested animals, tapped maple trees, and simply enjoyed the beauty and bounty nature has to offer with each new season. They'd both rather be outdoors than stuck inside with nothing to do.

My interests include exploring herbal and nutritional remedies, historical reenacting, traditional skills; like making soap and maple syrup. I'm a packrat and vintage gatherer/repurposing wanderer.

There's always chores, plays to rehearse, costumes to sew, stories to write and tell, songs to sing, books to read, new things to learn, dancing, plans to make, lots of things to choose from before boredom sets in.
Outside there's archery, tomahawks to throw, gardening, hunting, fishing, camping, plants to study, wildcrafting!

If only these days could last forever!

But, alas, it can't be...
Both of our daughters have married leaving us with an empty nest, except for the dog and the worms.
But now there's a Grandbaby to love! And hopefully she'll enjoy many of the same things and I can start all over again!

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