August 21, 2010

Valor or languor?

My head is abuzz with thoughts and feelings and hopes.  It's hard to know how to get a handle on all of them.  I'd love to say, "Ok, here's what's going to happen and so we need to do ________."  but as I"ve proven to myself over and over again, in spite of what my gut instinct is or what I think I can see in the future, I am not a fortune teller.  Hah! Who knew?!  So, yeah...  My spiritual gift is not prophesy.  I'm not really sure what it is but that is not it.  I can site several situations in which I thought I could see what was going to happen but, Wow!, was I wrong!  How is it possible to see something that isn't there?  Imagination?  Wishful thinking?  God's sense of humor?   Or is He just preparing me for something else?  I don't know.

Just had some great news from my daughter but I don't want to say anything until I know more.  Prayers!!!!

When I presume to know the direction God is heading with something, I think He sets me straight by letting me know that He is in control.  He is but maybe meddling is my gift!  Helping people see things from a different perspective.  'Cuz you know that sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees.  But, here we go back to the question I've asked soooo many times!  Where is the line between accepting God's will as it falls out and reaching out, actually taking things into our own hands (with His guidance), toward the goals He has set before us by opening doors that lead us toward Him?  Maybe I've just answered my own question.  Just because a door opens, are we to go through?  I mean, is there a possibility that He could allow us to chose from more than one course of action or more than one prize to reach for?  Or are we adrift in the sea of life or floating on the breeze and if it happens to blow us through a door then we were meant to go through it.  Do we just play it by ear; fly by the seat of our pants?  Or are we given opportunities that we need to go after?  Reach for the prize and hold on tight even if there are little bumps in the road or even road blocks?  We have to and regularly do make decisions.  If we're just floating through life waiting on God to lay it all out for us so we can walk through, there wouldn't be any decisions to make.  Do we get discouraged?  Lose hope?  Have the courage to step out in His name and fight for what we want if it's a worthy goal?  Valor or languor?  One points toward God and one does not.  Or should we allow ourselves to float past the door and leave it behind us because we're waiting on God to hand everything to us on a silver platter that we never have to work for?  If we pursue a godly goal, are all roads open to us?  By that, I mean as long as we are not going against the teachings of the Bible, can we pick and choose the direction we go?  Since God cannot be tempted and He doesn't tempt us, will He ever open a door that doesn't lead us closer to Himself?  Is life a test or an opportunity to use the gifts He's given us to glorify Him...or not? 

Then who would try to lead us astray?  Maybe blow us past the door if we are allowing ourselves to be at the mercy of the breeze?  Maybe someone who doesn't want us to reach for the prize because attaining it would make God look good.  God is all powerful but He has also given others the chance to try to distract allow discouragement and even apathy to enter our a effort to draw us away from Him.  That's where the action, the decision making comes in.  Courage, bravery and willingness to serve others with discernment are all required.  We can't be passive about our faith or our walk.  Me first, then others, then God?  No...God first, then others and me last.  We have decisions to make...Choices to fight for the good, to love others more than ourselves, to serve.  Call it our worldview.

"Stand up and be strong, another victory's in store.  It's time to be courageous in the power of the Lord"  ~The Martins  

"So, if you think you are giving something your all but your all is all about you, then you haven't given anything." ~Me   How's that for a different perspective?

"Write that down!  It's the most important piece of evidence yet!" ~King of Hearts.

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