August 11, 2010

Live from the depths of my pondering mind in the wee hours of the morning.
It's interesting to hear the perspective of onlookers who aren't entwined with all the words.  Or folks who read the words from outside the familiarity and draw conclusions that, when shared, are more to the point than those of folks who are involved.  A non-personal interest can read the words and say, "Who does this person think they are?" or "They obviously have an elevated opinion of themselves."  While those who are personally vested might say, "Hmmm...I wonder what they meant by that?" or "I wonder what I did to cause them to write that?"  People who are looking in from the outside with such clarity remind me of the old saying, "Can't see the forest for the trees."  When you are close to a subject, it's often hard to look at things clearly.  All the ideas and thoughts that are close to us block our view of the bigger picture.  Some of these "trees" are like false ideas and mistaken values.  And then one day, one of the trees starts to lean and a rushing wind comes along and blows it over creating a new view that we couldn't see before.  Or maybe we reach out and push it over so we can get a little more light and spread our branches and roots.  But all in all, we might see a new tree that's in a spot close to us but we couldn't see it before because of the trees in the way.  We can see that it's about the same size and reaching for the same light.  Those two trees might grow together toward the light, branches entwined, roots growing in amongst each other, each strong and sure on their own.  So what happens when the strong winds blow again?   Both trees survive because their strength is combined and they can support each other.
Anyway, I am amazed by the clarity that my friend, "The Closet Blogger", has about situations they've been following in the life of my family.  Watching from the sidelines has given them an interesting perspective that I couldn't possibly have seen from the crowded forest our lives have become.  Many of the trees surrounding us are strong and secure but there are some who have grown into the light too quickly and are tall but have weak root structures.  These weaklings are the ones that will be blown over by the wind.  Haha! Which will you be?  Get your prioities straight!

Someday, my friend will come out of the closet and instead of writing musings, etc. on paper napkins and saving them for me in a brown bag so I can write about them, a new blog will appear and you won't have any trouble knowing what's being said because words are commodities that need to be used responsibly to convey our thoughts and ideas in ways that positively influence the folks who read them. On that point, we both agree, heartily.  Why cloud the issue with random words that have little or no meaning?  Isn't life hard enough? Maybe you can relate to what you're reading or understand where I'm going with all this.  Or maybe not.

So, yeah...that was random.

And that reminds me of the old adage, "You don't have a leg to stand on."  Now that could get tricky! ;)

2 thoughts about my meanderings:

Missy said...

Just goes to show you why we have trees that stand alone and can give so much back.Shade and maple syrup! Then there are some that just look better as a tv stand!! Always in view but needs polishing. :)

wanderer said...

I love that!

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