August 22, 2010

Can you believe it?!

Here's an example of how good God is to me/ occurred to me that she might need some sort of storage that she could lock; like a foot locker, pretty standard for college students, right?  Well, I called the school to see if they recommended having something like that or not and they said it was a good idea.  So we started looking for one...I went everywhere!  Walmart had them online but our store is little and they didn't carry anything remotely like that.  I spent a big part of the day looking and felt pretty miserable because I hadn't thought of it before the very last minute.  So we thought we'd look when we get to the university.  A dear friend stopped by to wish her farewell and we talked about what had happened.  He started to laugh and said that he'd picked up a box like that to put in the back of his truck to store things in but it didn't keep the water out so if it was what we were looking for, she could have it.  I couldn't believe my eyes!  There was a brand new plastic foot locker just like we'd been looking for...and it was even green to match all the other things she bought for her dorm!  Imagine!  Amazing!

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