August 31, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about some things that I don't understand but can't change.  When I don't understand, I can only go on what I know.  Well, that's a little confusing isn't it!  What I mean is that I tend to believe things people tell me about themselves.  So when they do something or say something that contradicts what they've already told me, I need to know how they can rationalize both.  That comes off as antagonistic to some folks.  Explain it to me.  Yes, I'm calling you on the carpet.  But really, you can't have it both ways.  Either what you told me at first was true or it wasn't.  So if it wasn't, why did you say it?  And if it was, then how do you explain the contradictory action?  Do you have something to hide?  Don't you trust me?  Do you ever mean what you say?  Really...I need to know which side of you I can believe...which side of you I can trust...and just exactly why are there two sides in the first place?  How do I know which side of you I am safe with?  Or, since there are two sides, am I ever safe with you? 

Now where's a worm when you need one?

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