September 5, 2010

A tribute to my hard working husband

We love you and hope you know how much we appreciate the hard work and long hours you put in for us.

This article describes my husband's job.  He's had the maintainance mechanics job and still works in that department.  Now he's a welder, his first love if you can all it that, so he works in places even the mechanics may not have to go.  Sometimes stories above the floor inside hot boilers laying on "lilypads" across bundles of tubes, hanging down over the edge, welding.  Sometimes on a cable car over the dam repairing gates near the area where the water is drawn into the plant.  Or on the outside of a tall stack.  Maybe welding by looking at his work in a mirror because he can't get to the right position to see what he's doing.  Sometimes on "picks" way up in the air on cat walks he had to build before he could make the repairs that need done.  Suspended by a harness in case he should slip.  Crawling through access doors barely big enough to allow a man to pass; dragging all his equipment with him into a completely dark space, tagging the area so noone fires up the boiler while men are working inside.

Once, earlier in his career, he worked in a hydro plant.  One of his first jobs was to crawl up the side of the mountain inside one of the tubes that carried water from the dam to the top of the mountain where it was held until they released it into the turbines to generate electricity.  What they didn't tell him was that while he was inside, water would be released into a neighboring tube.  When he felt the ground begin to shake, he thought it was all over.  Thankfully he doesn't do that anymore but he still gets into some "hairy" places to do what has to be done.

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