September 9, 2010

This newfangled thing called SKYPE

I love it!  Just spent 1-1/2 hours (that flew by like seconds) video chatting with my Goosie!  I'm so glad to have the chance to do this because I've been missing her a lot.  She looks really good.  Friends of ours took a care package to her today when they visited their daughter for her birthday.  So it was fun to know that she got it and will enjoy what was inside.
Her friend's family invited all the kids from our town to get together for a birthday party.  It was so nice!  There are large stones at a few prominent places on campus and the girl's boyfriend painted a birthday wish on one for her!  Lots of points for him!!!  :)  So sweet!  He's a year older but he took classes at home for a year until she graduated and then they both went off to college together. 
Anyway, it was so nice to see my girl's sweet face.  It's just a whole new level to phone conversations.  I'm such a visual person and so is she so it's nice to be able to see her and talk to her like she's sitting across the desk.  Many thanks to whoever invented this wonderful concept from all the college moms out there!

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