September 13, 2010


I'm so glad to write that my Goosie sounds like she's getting a handle on her cold.  I'm praying today is even better.  I'm thankful for my good friend who is visiting her daughter near Goosie's college  She delivered a care package and a cooler full of whole food goodness to my sick girl.  Raw milk, yogurt, homemade breakfast bars and homemade rolled grape leaves!!!  Her all time favorite and very good for you food.  Her dad was determined to send them to her even before he knew she wasn't feeling well.  She said she's been eating better staying in her room than when she eats on campus.
And knock on wood, she's been treating herself successfully with natural remedies and rest all weekend so it makes me happy to know that she didn't have to rely on medication except once for sinus pressure pain.
I'm also thankful for the good friends she's made, including her room mates and the young man who came to her rescue last week.   Praying she'll get her computer issues ironed out and learn all that she needs to be able to use it as a helpful tool.  She's never been too crazy about technology but being away from home has certainly been made easier by cell phones and computers. 
It's a great place to be with a lot to offer.  Knowing that she is covered in prayer by so many people everyday makes having her so far from home a little easier to handle.
Love ya, Goosie.  Have a great week.

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