September 17, 2010

Good Morning, Starshine...

...the earth says "Hello!"

Fall is making it's way into the little valley where I live.  The air has that certain crisp, nutty smell that makes it clear that summer has nearly run it's course and will soon be a memory.  Leaves litter the lawn near the wood line from the dry spell followed by a few very windy days.  Last nights heavy rains probably brought down a lot more.  At first light I'll go out to see what the night brought with it.  We really needed the rain; the grass was dry and crackly under my feet. 
Autumn is my favorite time of year!  All the colors and wonderful smells fill my senses with rich and heady perfume.  Apples are ready to pick, plums and grapes from up north make their way to garden stands in our area.  It's lovely!

1 thoughts about my meanderings:

Princess Eilonwy said...

Beautiful description! Autumn is my favorite season too.

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