September 10, 2010

Put your head down and plow through

Back in the days when television was a part of our lives, there was a sitcom that we enjoyed about a married couple and their life.  The similarities to many things that take place in our daily lives were uncanny!  I remember one episode when the family gathered together with the parents and brother to celebrate the 3 month anniversary of the brother and his new wife.  The newlyweds, God love them, were very happy and thought that they could help the other two couples to have a better marriage.  Things got out of hand and finally the mother told everyone to stop and listen to advice from someone who was in a position to give it.  She told them that anger and hate were real parts of a marriage along with love and romance.  You just have to accept that and stop thinking that if things aren't perfect there is something wrong with your marriage.  When things get tough, you just put your head down and plow through it together.
I guess sometimes we get bogged down with the idea that when things aren't going well, it's time to call it quits.  Perseverance and courage are important.  When you are dating or courting, I think that's something important to look for in a future mate.  Of course there are numerous other qualities to look for as well.  Staying power, stick-to-itiveness (from my personal vocabulary words), bravery, and loving or standing by you enough to make it through the times when things aren't going as well as you hoped can make or break a relationship.  People mistakenly think that they fall into and out of love, but they don't.  Love is about decisions and promises.  The good feelings are just bonuses.  And the bad feelings are just reality because we are not perfect, but sinful humans.  Keeping your word even when the feelings may not be as strong as you'd like takes courage.  Dealing with the same issues, over and over again takes perseverance and will undoubtedly bring anger and frustration. When you take your vows, you decide to make a promise that will endure whatever comes your way, you know..."for better, or for worse."

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