September 12, 2010's another thing that is harder than I thought it would be.  Although I've begun to realize that I don't spend too much time thinking about uncomfortable things if I can help it.  At least not in advance.  Maybe that's why they catch me off guard.

My college girl called me yesterday and at first I thought she was crying but then she said that she had a really bad cold.  I wish I could be there to take care of her.  She sounded miserable.  Friends of ours from home were there and invited the kids to go for ice cream but she couldn't go.  When I talked to her she was curled up on her bunk under the covers with all her comfort stuff from home.

Well, another friend is going down today to spend a week so I'm sending a care package with her.  I'm glad  I have that means to send her a few things that might make her feel better.  I've been trying to call her but there's no answer.  I'm praying she's ok.

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