September 22, 2010

Okay....okay! I laughed!!

So here's the thing...several years ago when my kids were small, there was a popular breathing/exercise video on the market.  I bought it and used it.  I must say that it worked but it looked and sounded ridiculous!  I tried to get my girls to do it with me but that failed miserably because they could only roll on the floor laughing at the video and me!!!  The facial exercises really do look funny but once again...they worked.  The real kicker was the breathing technique and the goofy noises that went along with it! 
However, every time I put the tape in, my entire family would gather around to hoot and laugh at me.  Since we are a homeschooling family, it wasn't like I could do it when they were at school and my husband was at work.  I thought I would share the video with my bff, closet blogging friend and maybe we could do it together.  Hahaha!  She watched about 5 minutes of the tape and got her exercise writhing on the couch laughing and quickly stated that there was no way she was going to be able to follow the breathing technique because she couldn't control her laughter! 
I put the tape away and decided it wasn't worth it.  Since then it has been the source of a good laugh every once in a while as the girls or my husband would mimic the breathing and tease me about those days.  My friend never forgot it and sometimes she just looks at me and giggles.  It's been a while since anyone's mentioned it...until yesterday.
My college girl loves to do stretching exercises and has been running with her roommate.  She also does some facial stretching that she often tries to disguise as just making funny faces but I can see right through that!  She doesn't do the breathing but she knows the stretching works!  Not knowing the history, or that my daughter was all too familiar with the tape, her roommate posted a youtube video clip on my daughter's wall because the gal makes such silly expressions.  Apparently, someone found the tape in one of their friend's mom's old videos and thought it was pretty funny so they put it on youtube.  Small world, huh?
When I saw the post, I laughed remembering the fun everyone had at my expense.  Then my younger daughter saw it and started doing the breathing sounds in my ear!!!  When my college daughter finally checked her FB and saw the post...well, if it's really possible to "roll on the floor laughing your butt off" on FB, that's what she did!
And last but not least, when my bff saw the post, she joined the bunch!  She'd read my blog from yesterday and pointed out that surely, that was an answer to prayer because I couldn't help but get a good, long laugh at that. 

On top of that, another friend sent out a blanket email to her friends with a link to a Christian comedian sharing a story about a good dunking she and her husband received on a rafting trip down the Colorado.  I saw it but didn't take the time to look at it until yesterday.  Being a Baptist, the story contained a few good laughs but in addition, it brought back a lot of fond memories of past canoeing trips that my friends and I used to take when we were college aged rabble rousers. 

God really does hear our every thought and prayer.  He knew I needed that little poke yesterday and delivered it right on time!  So thanks to my family, my friend, my daughter's roommate and my bff for giving me a sort of "hug" when I needed it most.  And thanks Lord for hearing my needs and prayers even when I don't feel like praying or can't find the words to express what's going on.  You are AWESOME!

Oh, sorta just kidding about the rabble rouser comment...we went with our college aged church group.  Sorta kidding, though now I think on it, maybe not! :)

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