September 25, 2010


My daughter and I have been working on a worldview course together.  My husband has joined in.  In trying to discern what the Bible says about who God is compared to who man is, and how that plays out, we've decided that it's hard to take all that we read in the scriptures, even when we know what's being said, and put it into practical, everyday use.  I'm not sure if I'm being too narrow minded or if I'm trying to make things more "me" specific than I need to.  The passages may say exactly what they mean but my problem comes in translating that passage into an application that I can use when life happens.
It's all well and good to say that the Bible says such and such about something and most of the time I understand what's being said but there are times when I need to know how to do it.  It is so easy to quote an applicable verse and be all matter of fact about doing things according to the Bible but, what does that look like?  You hear lots of talk about being a good example to others and not being a stumbling block to those weaker than yourself.  The difficulty comes in trying to talk about how involved in our daily decisions God should be.  Yes, I talk to Him, I praise Him, I ask Him for different things for myself and for others.  But what about the daily decisions I make?  The little ones like what should I have for breakfast? or what should I wear today?  How about which instrument should I play, the piano or the flute?  If all options are choices that don't go against the Word, how do I know which one is right?  Do I serve in a mission field abroad or one at home?  Both are serving the Lord so how can we know?  Are we free to decide or not? 
I am simply a sinner saved by grace and I know what that means.  I can tell others what God has done for me and how He wants me to grow to be more like Him.  I strive to do that but I often fail miserably.  He is truly awesome and I love Him dearly because He loves me and because He takes care of me.  So far, so good. 
But when it comes right down to it, sometimes right and wrong are not clearly marked.  It's impossible to be legalistic about it even if you want to because it's not "cut and dried." 
Why do I believe God is?  Because the evidences of a powerful, imaginative creator are all around me.
How do I know God is "up there" listening to my prayers and guiding me?  Can I prove it?  No, I can't.  Someone might say that it is just fate that things happen the way they do.  And if I'm happy with the way my life is going, they might say that I'm more than happy to try to put God's name on it.  On the other hand, if things aren't going well, do I try to blame God for it?
I can't prove anything.  But I just know and that is my faith.  My worldview. 
I try to filter all that I allow to color my life through that worldview.  Sometimes I slip.  Sometimes I deliberately look the other way.  I'm not proud of that fact... I'm just trying to be honest.  But sometimes I have trouble putting a biblical principle into the bare bones actions in my daily life.  I don't always know how it is to be done.
This is a bunch of rambling thoughts that I've been pondering lately so I thought I'd jot them down.

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