October 9, 2010

Where does the time go?

It's not easy thinking about time and how quickly it passes.  Of course, it's all too true what they say about time seeming to pass more quickly as you get older.  But I suspect that has to do with the increase in responsibility which seems to steal time away with all it's demands.  All too often I think about all the things that I wanted to do with my girls when they were younger but time slipped past us, filled with lots of things, just not all the things on my list.  But there are still things on the list that I'd like to do.  Mother/daughter adventures that may even mean more now that they are older.
This summer was a blur and now it seems like autumn is hurtling by at an alarming speed.  But I'm so thankful for those days when we can take a break from our regular routine and do "stuff" together.  Problem with me is that I don't mind if that something is working on a project or cleaning up the house instead of something more entertaining.  I don't think both my girls feel that same! 
Memories of time spend together are just that and it's the together that means something to me.  When someone that I love wants to spend time with me,  I think of it as a gift.  I don't need to be entertained or do something epic, I just like to be together.  That's hard for my husband to understand.  If he plans to spend time with me, he thinks it has to be something that involves travel and money.  And of course food.  And that's nice but as a consequence of not having the means to do those sorts of activities much, he doesn't think of just being together as much as I do.
On the flip side of that, if I tell him that we don't have to "do" something like that to spend time with each other, he thinks watching a movie at home will count.  Now that's ok once in a while but what I'm talking about is time spent with ME, not the television.  Look at ME, talk with ME, be with ME!!!!!  Men!
So, yeah, I guess my focus for this article is directed inward.  Too bad.

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