October 14, 2010

What to do next...

As I ponder what my next course of action should be in an effort to find a way to earn some income from home, I'm looking into making money with my blog.  Problem is that so far most of the content here is personal in nature and probably not the kind of thing that would generate much traffic. 
My sister blog is a little more focused but there are so many other blogs that carry much more in depth and interesting articles on the same topics that I can't imagine anyone wanting to read mine.  Yeah...so far I have 6 faithful followers!  Not really what you'd call a booming site. 
Sometimes I'm inspired to write there and actually started a challenge but due to health issues and a pressing need to increase my income through other, more immediate, means, it's suffered greatly.  So I guess I'm looking for advice, ideas or inspiration regarding what I should do next.  I'm not going to invest money or risk of any kind because that would be counter productive to my goals.  But I fear that I'm not computer savvy enough and may be taken by some sort of scam.  So, yeah...any ideas?

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