October 20, 2010

Time and times

Sometimes I think that being a child of God is so clear and plain that I don't understand why everyone doesn't get it.  But then there are times when it's not so clear and the answers are not as "cut and dried" as I thought.  What's changed?  I'm pretty sure it's not God.  So...that leaves me.  What has clouded my thinking?  Or is it my view that's changed?

It's easy to look at things through rose colored glasses when the world is all "rosy" and bright but when the shadows fall across our path darkening the picture, it becomes a wee bit harder to keep up the outlook.  That's why it's a really good thing that I don't have to keep it up by myself.  Besides having God to lean on, I have family and friends who seem to know just when I need a little boost.  It's like a net that catches me when I fall and lends support to every other knot that makes up the network of ties and strings.  All the links don't need to be strong at once because the power and strength of the ones beside it can hold it up for a time. 

So my weakness becomes strength as I take off my rose colored glasses and face reality head on.  No matter what's out there, I can be assured that God can reach down here and pull me out of the net into the safety of His loving hands.  Time and times...each time we fall or stumble, even crash and burn, we don't have to go it alone. It's inevitable that we're going to need the support over and over again but it's kinda nice to know that next time, my link may help hold someone else up when they fall.

This week, I'm holding on in hopes of guidance for some very important issues.  It's probable that my link is not doing it's part right now.  My outlook hasn't changed and I know He has all the answers for me but I guess the clouds have blocked out some of the light.  Here's looking for clearer sight tomorrow.

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