October 31, 2010

Amazing Grace

I've been thinking about a lot of things lately.  Have you ever thought about the words to the old but ever popular hymn, "Amazing Grace?"  It's one of my favorites.  It's especially moving, even without words, when it's played on the bagpipe.  I have a friend who plays it beautifully and blessed our congregation by playing it in our church while visiting.  Sent chills up my spine.

"Amazing Grace" - the fact that any one would show grace to me when I can be so wretched is absolutely amazing.

"How sweet the sound" - it's such a blessing to my heart to hear that promise.

"That saved a wretch like me" - I am so undeserving.

"I once was lost" - born with a sinful nature I was separated from God forever.

"But now am found" - Christ's death paid the penalty and when I put my faith in Him, it removed the barrier that separated me from God.

"Was blind" - Sometimes it's hard to see the folly and sinfulness because we want to believe that we are really good at heart.

"But now I see" - Once our eyes are opened to our sinful condition and we reach out to accept, through faith, the payment He made on our behalf, we can also begin to see the Glory of our God.

It's such a peaceful feeling to rest in the promises of our heavenly Father.  Just knowing that I no longer have to face the joys and trials of life alone gives me a feeling of surrender.  Not giving up, but allowing Him to rule my life.

He chose me but it doesn't stop there, I have to accept.

One way to look at it is like a team.  You can be chosen for a certain team but you don't have to be on that team if you don't want.  You have to agree to play for them before you can reap the benefits of the championship.  And that leads me to another of my favorite songs that I especially enjoy hearing Gerald Wolfe sing, "Champion of Love."   

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