October 12, 2010

Tomorrow's the day!

Fall break begins tomorrow after classes so Goosie is coming home for a few days!!  I'm so excited!  Praying for safe travel and a nice relaxing visit although the schedule is filling up quickly.  Don't ya hate that?  But time for family and friends is a necessity I guess.  Drat!  I just want to keep her right here the whole time!  Haha!  But it's a good sort of busy and they are all family doings, so, yeah...

Sister's soccer game, dinner with extended family, a play and then it's time to go back.  But there will be time in between to just visit and cook for her and stuff like that.  Homemade oreos, chicken parmesan, yogurt, farm milk to take back...lots of good for you stuff!  Comfort food from home.

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