October 16, 2010

Don't you just love Pennsylvania in the fall?!

About half of the leaves are already down but what remains are lovely and the crisp smell of autumn fills the air.  We've had a frost or two but all in all the temp's been in the 60's during the day.  I love fall...all of it...even though I know it's the herald of wintry days to come.

Chilly air gently nudges the warmth of summer into the creases of time as he begins to press toward the south; advancing over the gardens and woodlands of western Pennsylvania.  She resists but he's insistent reminding her of the promise she made earlier this year as he receded, making room for her to warm the ground for summers harvest.  The harvest is nearly past now and he's been more than generous with the time he's allowed her to linger here in the north.

We're enjoying having Goosie home for a few days.  I've missed her so much.  But she really likes school and has made some good friends and I'm so thankful for that.  Midterms are over now and she's thinking that when she gets back classes may become a little more intense.  She'll begin rehearsal for A Christmas Carol in the evenings so I'm praying that she'll be able to keep up with everything and not be overwhelmed by all of it and not get sick.  Also for traveling back to her dorm late.  Just a mom's worry. :)

Today we're going to the eye doctor and then to check out the new Walmart store.  Tonight, dinner with family.

There are some lingering doubts and fears that hold onto a person long after a sad or heartbreaking event has past.  They're stuck in the folds of our minds and sometimes rear their ugly heads to cast doubt on our lives.  It's hard to understand the minds of others.  It's hard to try to think from their perspective when you've really been pretty easy to get along with and submissive to other's desires for most of your life.  But when you come up against that brick wall, when you can't bend any more; when you've been as understanding as you know how to be and things are still hard, what then?  Some people are not happy where they live.  Or even close to where they live.  They think the grass is greener on the other side.  So instead of investing in the life they have, they are constantly trying to become someone who fits in the greener pasture.  To those of us who are a part of the life they have now, this tactic implies that they feel superior and that we are not "good" enough to fulfill their desires.  Hmmmm.... 

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