October 2, 2010

Being an anemic slacker

So I've been slacking on some of the homemade goodness that I like to include in our diet.  It's time to get back into a schedule so I can keep up with production.  Next week, I plan to make up some kefirs, kombucha, and sourdough starter so I can add them back into my routine.
Got the word that I am indeed anemic so I need to address that pretty quickly.  In addition to making sure that my diet includes food that add iron I'll be drinking blackstrap molasses/ACV tea twice/day, drinking nettle tea, eating a little more red meat, taking folic acid, B12 and a good multivitamin. It's important to have enough Vitamin C to metabolize the iron that I'm adding so I'll be sure to eat foods that offer it. Thankfully, the doctor said all the other numbers on my blood screening are really good.  But the above herb/vitamin plan is mine, she didn't tell me to do anything until more tests are run.  I'm not waiting.  Regardless of what else is going on, I can begin to address the anemia.
I have a long week coming up so I'll need some extra steam to get me through.  Praying for the numbers to come up quickly.  It would be nice to feel human again.  More research planned for today but I feel like I need a nap already.

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