October 26, 2010

Bummer #2

Last week was Fall break so we had our Goosie home for a few days.  That's my saving grace in this situation. This coming weekend is Fall Family weekend and we were planning to go down to see her.  Well, the whole thing has been an uphill battle.  First, we thought we weren't going to have the means to go because I am no longer working as a part time helper.  Then through some creative bill arrangement, we thought we could make it work.  Now, her schedule has changed with the beginning of rehearsal for the Christmas Play and she will be tied up most of Saturday.  That leaves us with a little time Friday and Saturday evenings.  We've talked it all over and in light of the tight means we find ourselves in right now, we've decided that making a trip for a few hours doesn't make good sense. 
In just a few weeks, she'll be home for Thanksgiving and a few weeks after that, she'll be home for the Christmas holidays and a month long semester break.  In between the holiday breaks, we'll be traveling down to see her play. So, this trip was really just for fun but I was looking forward to it.  All that to say that it's kinda a bummer.

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