April 24, 2010

Who's out there?

Hey, if you've read my blog and thought you might come back to see what's new, why not become a follower?  I'm really doing this for me but it's nice to know who's out there.   Let me know what you think. :)

If you read the blog description under the title, you'll see that I wear several hats and enjoy each one. The things you'll find here are reflections of my life.  Things I ponder, meandering interests that keep me busy and things that are happening in our lives but mine specifically.

Sometimes I'm sharing thoughts about new things I'm adding to my routine to care for my family's health, either through diet or use of herbal remedies.  It gives me a feeling of satisfaction to know that I can make tinctures and salves, among other things, from natural ingredients, that will allow me to heal my family without relying on a  lot of medicatons that contain harmful chemicals.  That's not to say that I wouldn't seek a doctor's help but for the most part, at this stage of life, there are a lot of things I can do to right here.  My husband's family is said to have some Lenni Lenape blood so we've learned about how the indians used plants for healing.  The history is rich and fascinating.

Other times, I'm sharing what's going on in my kitchen.  Some are tried and true traditional skills that most folks are familiar with, but others are things that sound weird or different from what we're used to practicing.  Recipes, fermented drinks or food, personal care products that I make to avoid harmful chemicals that may be a part of commercial products, making soap from scratch, some of the many things you can do with raw milk, and lots more.

I'll write about my garden and share what goes on there throughout the growing season and harvest.

Sometimes my mind wanders off on a rabbit trail or I write about ideas I've been pondering.  These may not interest folks, I don't know.   Nothing too personal, I guess, just thoughts about my faith or feelings that needed a safe place to vent.  It helps me figure things out to write it down and read it over.  Maybe some of the same thoughts are meandering around inside someone else's mind and reading them here will help them see things from a different perspective. 

Anyway, it would be great to know who's reading and what you think about my meanderings.  I've included a little comment bar at the end of each post that will allow readers to simply check some basic thoughts they may have after reading what I've written.  Your written comments are welcome. 

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