April 3, 2010

The bluebirds are here!

Over the years we've placed bluebird boxes in different locations around our yard and woods. The boy scouts build them and having had a few nephews and friends ago through the program, we've picked up a few. As spring arrived we'd watch anxiously for the bluebirds to come back and then, with disappointment, see them pause for a day or two, then move on.

This year I'd almost given up hope of providing the nesting location they were looking for. I saw a flash of blue outside my kitchen window and thought it might be an indigo bunting. It was a male bluebird!! He purched thoughtfully on the clothesline pole, checking out the area. Figuring that would be the one and only time I'd see him this year, I watched to see what he'd do next. He flew over to the bluebird box on the trellis in my kitchen garden and looked inside. Then he quickly flew away. I went out to look in the box and cleaned out the debris left from last years wrens hoping he'd be back.
My youngest daughter called me to tell me that she'd seen him on the clotheslines pole again and this time he was carrying a blade of grass. He took it to the box and went inside! He brought his wife and we've been watching them build their nest and enjoying hearing their songs right outside the kitchen window.
What fun it will be to watch their family grow!

Next on the list is a feeder to get the scarlet tanagers to come closer.

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