April 29, 2010

Life and all that stuff

Things have been fairly busy lately and I haven't taken the time to write much.  (A habit from way back.)  But I have a few minutes to put down some wandering thoughts. 

Tonight is the fourth performance of M*A*S*H at our local community theater with two more shows to go tomorrow and Saturday.  It's been so much fun gettting to know some people better and meeting others for the first time.  I'm still a little timid about being on stage but I'm growing in that area.  Both of my girls are in the show with my youngest having two fairly big parts that have really helped her develop her stage presence.  My oldest has a good sized part as a nurse and has come a long way in the past few years with overcoming her shyness by performing on stage in some major roles.  They are both so talented and I'm really proud of them.

My plants are growing quickly now and I'm thinking ahead to the garden.  There are a few details that I need to plan out soon.  I just sent a lot of plants to my young friend, Zach, in NC.  He's been adding to his garden and learning about new ideas he can use in it.  Their growing season is much longer than ours so he's been able to put a lot of plants in the ground already.  We've had overnight temps in the low 30's, even dipping below one night so there's not a lot that I can put out yet.

I've been doing some baking and trying to keep up with my weekly dairy chores.  The biscotti was a big hit here so I think I'll have to make more soon.  This week I made flatbread, blueberry pie, pizza with homemade crust, breakfast bars, yogurt and yogurt cheese.

Oh, praise the Lord, we have our truck back.  I'm praying that it will last a few more years without any more major problems. 

Well, I have a few chores that need my attention so I'll try to write more soon.

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