April 4, 2010

Maple sugaring

As temperatures range above freezing both night and day, the buds on the sugar maples begin to swell with life. The energy for this life is found in the sugary sap that has been flowing up and down through the trees for about 6 weeks now. The swelling of the maple buds is an indication that the trees have used up the sweet stores of nutrients that have been growing in their roots all winter. It's also the signal of the end of sugaring for this year.
Our sugaring season was shorter than I had hoped for but I welcome the advent of the gardening season. We pulled all the taps and washed out the buckets, ready for next year.

As we checked our taps in the last couple weeks, I noticed the wild leeks peeking out of the leaves and quickly growing green tops. Soon the bulbs will swell and it will be time for our first batch of vichyssoise; an eagerly anticipated event at out house! Fishing season comes in this month and nothing goes with fresh trout better than vichyssoise! So as one season within a season passes, another one is quick on it's heals.

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