July 18, 2010


A friend recently told me about a new dance/exercise craze here in town and I've been thinking that I'd like to try it but being the procrastinator that I am, I hadn't taken the plunge.  It took another friend to say, "Hey, I'm going to Zumba tomorrow.  Wanna come?"  What a blast!  Of course after about 15 minutes of so called "warm ups" I was ready to call it a day but I made it through the hour and was none the worse for the wear.  I thought I'd be stiff today but so far not really. 
I'm thinking that I'll need to get different shoes because the floor is a little "grippy"; nice for exercise but not so good for dance.
Zumba is a Latin style dance/exercise class that is so much fun!  The instructor is great.  She has lots of spirit and a very perky attitude.  She reminds me a lot of my niece, Amanda.  Here's a link to learn more about her:


You should try it!

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Molly O'Bryon-Welpott said...

Hey so happy you went Marcela is AWESOME!
I recommend reeboks at Penney's. Mine are high top and a bright pink but the bottoms are for dancing, there is no traction so you dont have that friction on your knees. I had to get high tops for my ankles but you may be able to get them in low tops. I am like a size 7 if you ever wanna try them, they are like new still. I have not been zumbaaaain this summer and it SHOWS~!

Missy said...

It was a blast wasn't it. The warm cool down part i mean. HAHA I love it. I really like my shoes I bought.I was wishing i bought the other ones when we were talking there because of the circles but I still think they would stick to that floor and these are feather light and that is what does it for me. I wish I could figure out away to go Tuesday and Thursdays. So do you think everybody in class knows I have something wrong with my back!! Awkward... Marcella is so funny, I woory about your back Meesy HAHA love her.. Anyway... see you at the next class.

wanderer said...

Thanks for telling me about Zumba, Molly. I do need to get new shoes but that will have to wait a while. I have a pair with felt soles that I'm going to try today. They just might work. I'm going to zumba today at the Y (noon). Which class do you take?

@Missy - Thanks for calling me about doing Zumba. You know there's a lot of things that I'd like to do but don't have the courage to go ahead and do them. It was a real work out but hopefully I'll be better at it today! Two left feet and all!!!

Missy said...

Four left feet in the class. You and me. What will Marcella ever do with us.HaHa.. See you there.

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