July 23, 2010

A good feeling

Hoo-Hah!  I think I may actually get my two left feet to cooperate with me.  You know they each have a mind of their own and it takes a lot of willpower to overcome that.  Last night's Zumba class went much more smoothly for me than the first two.  Yeah, I'm a little slow to pick it up but I don't feel quite as stupid as I did.  The cool-collar helped a lot, too.  I didn't feel like I was going to pass out after the warm-up!!  Just kidding, though I really had a hard time keeping up and the second class was worse than the first.  But my hopes are high that I'll get the steps and be able to hang in there with the best of them.  Being the size I am and standing next to my lovely 6' friend and my two tiny daughters doesn't help but hey, that's why I'm there right?!  RIGHT?
This battle has been going on for a long time.  There have been times when I felt on top of the world but I couldn't seem to make it last. So here's another chapter on me trying to recover those feelings and get a handle on this physical cycle of my life.  If menopause is coming, I wish it would stop toying with me and just get here! Then maybe things would calm down a bit. Ah, well, all in His timing, not mine.  But I can petition, right?  Please!

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