February 14, 2012

The Wall #36

Jenny MatlockThis week we're using a prompt inspired by Jenny's world.  We have 100 words plus the prompt (total of 106) to write our tale.
Since this week is crazy with activity, I'll get right to it.
Here's my continuation of The Wall...

~ I couldn't help but notice the box on the sideboard next morning. It was full of pictures, books and various mementos.
After the dishes were cleared, we got up to go but Anna motioned for us to sit down. She pulled a photo album from the box and opened it to a faded photo of a young couple standing in front of a vintage fire engine. They were holding on to each other and smiling. It was Matthew and Anna. The wedding was at the firehouse and other photos showed family and friends gathered around the couple. One fellow, in particular, looked very familiar to me. ~

Pondering My Meanderings... 
with much herbal love, 

4 thoughts about my meanderings:

anitamombanita said...

yay...keep it going!!

Judee said...

This is lovely. Old photos hold such power.

Judee said...

This is lovely, it brings back memories of looking at my grandparents old photo albums.

Jenny said...

How did you do this? I like the way you made this into a little mystery.

Clever writing, yet again!

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