December 3, 2011

The Wall #26

Jenny MatlockJenny's up to some nasty tricks this week!  Click on the button to the left to read her challenge from her own blog and join the fun.
Our assignment is to write 16 words about when we were 16!  Only 16 words!!!!  So here it is....16 measly words from that crazy, mixed up, exciting year when I turned 16, as part of the ongoing story of The Wall.

~I was sixteen when I saw him for the first time. I smiled, he smiled back.~

8 thoughts about my meanderings:

anitamombanita said...

of course we were all wondering what you would do this week...and the drama continues... ;)

Bethe77 said...

Makes me smile!

Jo said...

amazing that you got that prompt in!!!

Sue said...

I met my husband when I was 16. He smiled back, too.


Carrie said...

Ah, the magic of that first smile :)

Judie said...

Well, you've done it again!!!

Tracy said...

16 simple words summingh it up.
Just came to your blog for first time loved it love your intro. It is like explaining the trinity we are all different but still one person

Jenny said...

Love at first sight!

Like at first sight!

Such a treasured moment. I always hope those last for people!

Thanks for a wonderful little gem of a link.

Hope your holidays continue to be Merry and Bright!

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