December 5, 2011

beginning Chapter 3

After the growling and scratching had stopped and she heard the whining of the cubs moving away from the house, she moved toward the door again.

A shout from outside stopped her in her tracks.  She knew that villainous voice well and began to look for a place to hide.  There was a small storage space behind the chimney but it would be hot from baking all day.  Still, there wasn't any other choice.  As she drew the bottom of her skirt in after her and pulled the small dresser back against the wall from inside her hiding place, the door burst open.

Obviously expecting to find someone at home the intruder stopped quickly to look around the empty room.  Talking loudly as if to a companion, he said,
"Well, its obvious that someone lives here.  Look at the feast laid out for me!  I'll just help myself to some of this venison stew...."

She seethed with anger knowing that he was used to dining like this daily.  Her anger only increased her discomfort from the heat.

After gorging himself on her carefully prepared meal, the rogue threw his trencher into the fire and propped his muddy boots up on the table knocking over her bouquet of wild flowers from Philip.  He said loudly,
"I'll just wait for my host to return so I can thank them for this wonderful meal."

Shortly, he was sound asleep and snoring lustily.  Or so she thought.

As she pushed gently on the dresser in hopes of escaping from the house while he slept, she slowly wedged herself between the wall and the dresser.  As she stood quietly and moved from her shelter, he opened his eyes and stared at her with a malicious grin.

"Aha!  Methinks I've seen the likes of you before.  And I like what I see..."

He stood and moved to close the door and bolt it.  She stood frozen to the spot.  As he began to walk toward her, she snapped out of her reverie and looked around for something to defend herself.  Snatching the poker from the fireplace, she brandished it like a sword and stared at him defiantly.

He laughed and continued to move closer.  Just then the sound of hooves in the clearing made him spin around in surprise.  She made her move and landed a blow on the back of his head sending him crashing to the floor.
Meanwhile, Philip called from outside and hearing the commotion, pounded on the door.  When she didn't answer, he called to Dynny.

Even though she was intrigued by the handsome Philip and his gentlemanly ways, she wasn't used to trusting anyone.  Returning to her hiding place, she waited.

After hearing Philip mount his steed, she thought he'd go, but alas, he spoke softly to the horse and with a mighty whinny, Dynny reared up and his hooves slammed against the door, shattering the hinges.  Now they stood in the doorway, Philip stooping to assess the situation before dismounting.

Still peeking from behind the dresser, she wondered what to do.  When he saw the man on the floor, he stepped inside and looked around cautiously for the person who'd knocked him out.  Not seeing anyone, he stooped over the man to see if he was dead or merely wounded.  As the fellow groaned, Philip drew his sword and waited.  The man opened his eyes.  Startled at the sight of Philip's sword, he tried to get to his feet but fell down again.

"What is your name, Sir?", Philip asked.

Still groaning and holding his head, the man grumbled a sarcastic remark which Gwyneth couldn't make out.

Philip asked again and this time the fellow rolled over quickly and grabbed both of Philip's legs and pulled them out from under him.  Then he jumped up and grabbed Philip's sword only to feel the blow of the poker on the back of his head again.  Reeling around, he crumpled into a pile while Philip found himself, again, looking rather sheepishly at this mysterious maiden of the forest.

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