December 7, 2011

Ya know... sometimes you think you know someone and you take them for granted?  And then you see something in them that you didn't see before.  Like a light turned on and now they've taken on a whole new dimension...and it's all you can think about.
It's awesome to experience that and it's also awesome to watch.  So, me a hopeless romantic! you just know something's gonna happen and it does and you're like, "Whoa!" when someone gives you a big hug that you weren't expecting and it makes your whole day? you can tell that a person likes another person by the way they become better when that person is around? things can really tick you off about someone you like but don't bother you in a casual friend? sometimes you feel more at home in someone else's house than you do your own? it makes you feel good when your kid's friends willingly include you in a conversation or a game...or whatever? sad you feel when you think that someone is being treated badly and there's not really anything that you can do at that point? I'd like to win the lottery? other people don't raise their kids or care for their families in the same way that you do?  Not always better or worse...just different. I like to take in all my kids friends as if they were my own?  Does that bother anyone?  I hope not!
And, too bad, if it does! sometimes I like to ramble on about seemingly meaningless things?



I said that already!

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