November 26, 2011

The Wall #25

Jenny MatlockHats off to our writing host, Jenny Matlock for another simple yet challenging writing prompt for this week's Saturday Centus!  Click on the button to the left to join the fun and share your own writing inspired by Jenny's weekly prompt.  Today's prompt is in purple and the word limit is 100 additional words for a total of 106.
I'm continuing a story that I started here 6 months ago.  If your new and would like to read what's happened so far, click HERE or on The Wall page above.

Here's this week's installment in the The Wall.

~Indignation and a host of other emotions flooded through me. Rushing out of the room, through the kitchen and down the garden path, I sat down under a tree, near the pasture fence, shaking with emotion. It was like not being able to find a lost child and wanting to hug and spank them all at the same time when they're found.
After relief finally won the battle, an eventual rumble in my stomach reminded me that I'd left before dinner. At the bar, in the pub, I ordered a sandwich. Someone slid onto the stool next to me.
“Would you like fries with that?”~  

7 thoughts about my meanderings:

Judie said...

Oh, ho, ho! The mystery continues!! Don't forget the catsup, or is that blood!!

cj Schlottman said...

And the story take another turn. For some reason, it made me want a burger - REAL bad. Kudos for keeping this story going.


anitamombanita said...

good job...keep it going!

Rekha said...

It really is an achievement to continue the story for so long...I like this week's well written piece.

Karen S. said...

Oh yes, this is moving along...well done....

Viki said...

Loved it. Good job.

Jenny said...

WHO, WHO, WHO is it?


I can't think of your story at all when I write the prompts or I want to make it easy to get information out of you! ha!

Funny but true!

I can't imagine how you're keeping this going.

You are all kinds of creative!

Love it!

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