December 13, 2010


It's been a tough week.  This may sound a little insensitive but I think most wives out there can understand what I'm saying.  We tend to get used to a certain schedule and our own plans to get through the day...and then, for whatever reason, the husband is home for the day...or the week.  Need I say more?  Suddenly everything changes, all your plans are shot, the minute you start to do a job, they need you.  Not for anything important...just to get something for them or find something for them...things that belong to them and all at once, it's your fault if they can't find it!  And the worst part is that when you go to the place you told them to look but they couldn't find it, THERE IT IS! exactly where you thought it should be!!!!  And when you take it to them with a look that says it all, they say, "Oh, now where did you find it?"  When you tell them it was right where you told them, they say, "It couldn't have been.  I just looked there."  About that time the hair on the back of my neck begins to prickle and the corners of my mouth begin to twitch.  I unsuccessfully attempt a small smile and turn away quickly to return to my previous job...but, alas...there's more!  Could you get my slippers?  What's for lunch?  What are you doing?  Have you seen my glasses?  When are you going to do...?  Could you...?  Now, it's one thing if they're sick or hurt but COME ON!   My sympathy and compassion are waning. Could they bring their dishes to the sink after eating in front of the TV watching movies they've seen a dozen times or put things away after they've used them?  Suck it up, Nancy!  The doctor said you should move around and move!  Believe it or not, people have lives to live, things to do, other people, WHO ARE STILL CHILDREN, to help and teach!  And it's Christmas with all the extra things I'd like to do.
And my all time favorite from this man who can usually make me laugh, is when he calls me back into the room immediately after I've completed several of these tasks, when he thinks I've almost reached the place where I started and innocently asks, "How far do you think you'd have been if I hadn't called you back?" Grrrrrr! I plead temporary insanity!
Thank you for listening while I vent and thank God for this new week!!!

We'll covet your prayers as my youngest and I travel to Virginia tomorrow to bring my eldest home from college.  We'll be returning the following day.  The forecast isn't favorable so I'm praying for fair traveling conditions and safety.  I do love snow and I can handle driving in it but I worry about other drivers.  Especially those who are not used to driving in snowy conditions.

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