December 11, 2010


From reading my posts in the past, I'm sure you know what a love we have for the theater.  Little Bit is playing in "A Christmas Carol" this season at college.  That's about 7 hours from here so it was a real blessing to be able to go down to see the show.  It was amazing!  I'm so proud of her!  There's no way I can describe the play with words and do it justice.  So many lovely costumes!  She had at least 4 that I can remember.  Dancing, singing and flying spirits!  Wonderful!  I'm so very glad we were able to see it!

My youngest is playing in "It's A Wonderful Life!" here at home.  Also a wonderful performance with the 6 show run being sold out every night!  It always amazes me that a little community theater in a small town in the middle of rural PA can bring together such a great cast with costuming and sets that really "set the stage" for a show that's sure to please.  One of the players in this show comes from Indiana, PA which is about 45 miles from here and happens to be Jimmy Stewart's home town.  To commemorate his contributions to the screen and to our country through his stint in the armed forces in the midst of his acting career, the town started a Jimmy Stewart museum years ago.  As the memory of this great actor is replaced by more recent stars, the museum has seen a decline in attendance that threatens to force them to close their doors.  After each performance at our theater, donations have been accepted on behalf of the museum.  The story has even made the local and national news.  Folks are taking up the cause and helping George Bailey one more time.  A very touching tale.
The director of "It's A Wonderful Life!" and one of the players are employed in areas that work with folks who have various mental and physical challenges.  The last dress rehearsal was dedicated to a show just for them.  About 50 folks from various homes in the area were escorted to the theater and they enjoyed the show very much.  It was very sweet to hear stories of their appreciation and to hear the impact that their presence had on the cast.  I'm so proud of our little theater and how they've reached out to the community in so many ways this holiday season. 
Tonight's the last show for both plays and it's been a rewarding experience for the girls and me, as their mom.

What a privilege to see both of them doing what they love and hearing them talk about how they'll use their love of theater to reach out in one way or another to help people.

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