December 16, 2010

South and back again

E's last final was on Tuesday so we left home around 8AM to drive to VA to bring her home for the holiday break.  Two other students will be riding back with us on Wednesday.

As we left home, the temp was 18 and the wind was picking up.  Snow on the ground of course but the weather channel was calling for snow over most of the eastern US.  Our route took us over the mountain and at the top, the temp was 4!  The roads were wet and in those temps that means icy so we made decent time but were driving slower than normal.  And then, eureka!  We crossed into Maryland and the weather became sunny!  Not any warmer but a little more cheery.  We were blessed with clear roads all the way to VA.  The winds continued to increase and we felt like we might actually lift off a couple times! 

Arrived at college around 3:30 and met E at her dorm.  We decided to load most of her stuff into the car while it was daylight.  Wondered if we'd have room for the other two students! :) 
She had some farewell plans with a few friends so we went to a friends house for chili.  It was wonderful and made me warm on the inside!  She is such a blessing to us!  The car was white from all the road salt so we found a car wash with a drier.  The ramp into the wash was frozen so we actually had to use A4WD to get inside...wonder what the southerners do?  We slid out the other side.

After E and her friends came back to campus and she helped her room mate pack her car, we drove to the extra parking lot...the pick them up.  We all went to the basement of the central building on campus to "hang out" and meet some of her friends.  Well, when the guys got there, everyone decided that we should hang out at the student union, which is across campus, instead so they promptly decided to ride the bus and took us with them. 
So we went to the student union and spent a few hours playing Apples to Apples with a group of guys and gals.  It was fun and nice to meet the faces we've seen in pictures.  But as it got closer to 10PM, we thought we should turn in for the night.  So we went to the other end of the building to wait for the bus back to our car.  The schedule said it should be there about 10 after... no bus.  We were relieved to see one coming and ran out to get on quickly...the temp was 15 and windy!  Alas! was out of service but told us another would be along in 3 minutes.  So...40 minutes later as the crowd waiting for the bus grew, we decided it wasn't coming.  So H and I bundled up and started walking.  The shortcut through the stadium was closed so we lost a little time there and had to go out and around it.  Even being a hunter from PA didn't make this trek easier.  Because at home, I'm smart enough not to go out in weather like this!  We were froze by the time we got back to the car which took us about 30 minutes.  I thought my lungs would explode!  I don't recommend a hike like that if you're anemic. 
After we stopped shivering, we went back to the union to pick up the others.  Silly college kids wanted to stay so we took one fellow and E back to their dorms.  The others walked back later!  Not even smart enough to wear hats or warm coats!  I feel old!
Fell into bed and eventually warmed up.  Wasn't sure if the ache in my chest was just cold or what but was thankful to wake up in the morning feeling better. 
We were treated to home made Belgian waffles!  Wonderful...Santa, I'd like to have a waffle maker for Christmas!
Went back to campus to get E and find the other students to load their things.  Being the master packer that I I sound a little prideful?...we got it all in the back with only one casualty.  The dish that Tim's pet snail calls home slipped out and smashed on the pavement.  After Sarah ran back to her room to get a cup for Luther to ride in, we started for home.  It was a fairly uneventful ride with kids crashing and me driving.  Then we had a few rounds of caroling, 20 questions and listened to a bit of Radio Theater's The Screwtape Letters to break it up.  Stopped once for gas, made a pit stop around 1:30 and another around 4.  Made it home by 5:45!  It's good to be here.
We brought all the "stuff" in from the car so we didn't have to go out again and sat down to dinner that Tom had made for us. 
Many thanks for all the prayers, safety and fair weather.  It's good to have Goosie home and not have to worry about cramming everything we want to do into a few days. I'm looking forward to a relaxing holiday but who am I kidding?  Plans for Narnia with friends this weekend, a little shopping, baking- if I can get the oven to work- and finishing the decorating now that E is here to be a part of it.  Good times! 

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