December 10, 2010

Been a while

It's been awhile since I've been here.  Lots going on and lots to try to deal with so I guess I'll just write about a few.

My husband fell on the ice and jammed his spine.  He's been off work for this week trying to loosen things up so he can move comfortably again. He really didn't need any other health issues to deal with.  Things have been hard for him for about 10 years.  He could use a break.
Of course the usual head colds and dryness that comes with the season.  It's kinda unusual for us to have such cold temps so early but we've had a lot of teens and expecting single digits next week. 
My youngest and I will be traveling to VA to bring Goosie back for a month long break over the holidays.  Praying for safe travel down and back and no car problems. 

It sounds like Goosie's used computer is shot and we'll have to get her a new one.  That's quite disappointing.  Her hard earned money down the drain.  It's given her trouble almost from day one so that's a lesson learned the hard way and generating a bit of ill will.  Not sure where the means to purchase it will come from but she's already been one semester without a computer so she really needs to have one to take back for next semester.  Makes things really hard when you have to trek across campus just to check your email which she's required to do every day. We purchased a camera for our computer so we could skype with her but were only able to do it twice.  It will be really nice to have her home so we can see her.  I think there was more than one lesson here.

My younger cousin passed away and the funeral is today.

So, yeah...I'm just a bundle of glad tidings, huh?

Sometimes I feel like I really don't have much to say and no creativity to write or even talk I don't and it's not a good thing.  All the stuff that just keeps running around in my head doesn't go away; it can't find it's way out and grows until I feel like I'm suffocating.  But, I just need to give it over and let God before I burst.  No more than I can handle, right?  Thank you, Jesus!


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