March 5, 2010


As I look back over the past year, I can see a story unfolding that warms my heart. A wish that has been floating around in my mind for a couple of years. Rather than say a taunting, "I told you so.", I'll just thank God that He has directed and encouraged and opened doors to bring about a lovely relationship that is like a storybook tale written about two people I care about very much. One my own and one adopted. And I've been especially blessed to be a part of the tale in various ways and watch it take shape. Sometimes things have to be learned the hard way or at least the long way around, and that's alright because no matter how much someone else can see what they believe is the "best" thing for you, you have to find it yourself. So many times we pass an opportunity by thinking that when we find what we're looking for we'll know it right away. An instant spark...true love's kiss...a look that tells all. But often the battles and hurtles and hoops that we have to go through to reach that destination bring us right back to where we started. And then we know. And we never want it to end. So I've been told. :)

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