March 23, 2010

I can only imagine...

What do you think things will be like in Heaven? The Bible tells us a little about it but I'm hoping that all the golden streets and pearly gates lead to paths through peaceful green forests and lovely gardens filled with the essence of flowers, vegetables bursting with flavor and sweet, juicy fruit always ripe for the picking.
Spring is in the air, can you feel it? Our March came in like a lamb so I'm not surprised that we are experiencing a little more cold weather this week. We've put up 5 quarts of maple syrup and are hoping to catch at least one more run before the season ends. This year we decided to sleep out while we tended the fire under the evaporator over night. Temps were mild and we had a lot of fun. We've made lots of good homeschool and family memories around our maple sugaring time. It's a blessing that we can do it together. What fun to sample the changes in the sap as it slowly turns from slightly sweet water to yummy syrup. It's always a delight to drink our maple tea clutching our warm mugs with cold fingers; enjoying the time together too much to think of going inside to get warm. And snow or not, we'll make our annual batch of sugar-on-snow!

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