March 4, 2010


God is always good to us and has our best interests at heart but this week
He has blessed our family greatly. Let's just say that the fairytale is unfolding nicely and we've had a chance to get to know a very interesting family just a little better this week.
Now, I don't know how the story will end but more doors are opening as the plot unfolds. Maybe it's time for a new chapter of the tale to be recorded in fairytale style. Of course, those of you who know the story are welcome to write your own retelling here as well.

3 thoughts about my meanderings:

Scotland said...

I'm just too happy to write anything right now! But I'd love to see yours. :) :) :)

wanderer said...

:) :) :) *You* can't write anything right now? I'm speechless! One is about as likely as the other! :)

Since I only know the outcome, I'll need help telling the tale. The interesting parts are the ones that tell the story.

Scotland said...

Haha, the happiness is overwhelming in all the right ways!!

Okay, we can do it together! Give me a little bit to collect my might take some time, but I'll get them back eventually. :) :)

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